The GIG group aims to research, experiment and develop the areas of Graphics, Interaction (in particular Natural User Interfaces) and Gaming technologies at FEUP. We want to explore these areas as effective and continuously evolving means of making the connection between people and systems as seamless and natural as possible.

To this end, we are involved in teaching in several connected subjects, in different courses, and also researching and orienting several projects and thesis. The ideas for these projects often come from us, but feel free to contact us if you have an idea that you would like to explore in these areas, and need some suggestions or guidance.

This site is currently under development. For now, we will be posting general information on ongoing projects and events related to GIG areas. In the future, we plan to have detailed information on past, present and future projects, as well as technical information on specific topics of interest.

Towards more and more realism in computer graphics - Invited Talk @ DEI by Kadi Bouatouch - FEUP, March 2nd, 14h

Realism is obtained with realistic modeling techniques (for geometry and physical parameters such BRDF, BSSRDF and scattering coefficients), rendering and global illumination algorithms.  Regarding modelling, we will show how to easily model a city using FL-systems (extension to L-systems) as well as grass fields and a human eye. Moreover, we will demonstrate that one can reconstruct a model from one image. 
As for global illumination, we will present some algorithms as well an analytical model dedicated to tree lighting (from the sky, the ground, the sun, and from other leaves).



NeCG/GIG invited talks at FEUP


The students group of Computer Graphics (NeCG), together with the GIG group, is organizing an afternoon of invited talks at FEUP under the title "Graphics, Interaction and Gaming - 2011", on February, 23rd, wednesday.

Here is the preliminary schedule:

14:30h - Opening Session
14:45h - ADC: animar, desanimar, continuar - Victor Martins (Pixelnerve)
15:30h - Depois do Multitouch - Miguel Fonseca (EDIGMA/DISPLAX)
16:15h - O desenvolvimento de videojogos em Portugal - Verónica Orvalho (FCUP/IT/SPCV)
17:00h - Closing Session

The entrance is free, but requires pre-registration here.

More info can be found at the NeCG site.

This event has the support of the Department of Informatics Engineering at FEUP.

Games Course (Multimedia Masters) final project presentations

The students from the Multimedia Masters have presented their Games' final projects, and created some nice videos about it.

Here's a glimpse of some of them.

Finding metal

Recycling monster

Tome of Knowledge

Tag tournament


Quatuor Persona

SLACTIONS 2010 - Research conference in the Second Life world - 18/19 November 2010

A SLACTIONS 2010 é uma conferência internacional que versa todas as áreas de investigação relacionadas com os mundos virtuais. Como particularidade, esta conferência realiza-se no Second Life®, e em paralelo com vários pólos locais à volta do nosso planeta. Este ano, um dos pólos locais é o Porto, mais propriamente as instalações da FEUP. 

Microsoft Imagine Day @ FEUP - 12 de Outubro de 2010, 14:30


A Microsoft irá realizar conjuntamente com o DEI, na FEUP, na tarde do próximo dia 12 de Outubro, terça-feira (sala a confirmar), o evento "Imagine Day @ FEUP" ( ) onde apresentará:
- A próxima edição da Imagine Cup - , com possibilidade de inscrição pelos alunos durante o evento
- O controlador Kinect (aka Project Natal) para as consolas XBox 360, antes do seu lançamento para as lojas em Novembro (com possibilidade de experimentação pelos presentes) -
- Uma palestra com o orador convidado Shahram Izadi, da Microsoft Research (envolvido no desenvolvimento do Microsoft Surface), versando o tema "Novel Interactive Devices at Microsoft" -
- Demonstrações sobre o desenvolvimento em XNA para Windows Mobile 7
O evento é de entrada livre, mas com lotação limitada, pelo que requer inscrição prévia por e-mail para, até segunda feira, dia 11, às 13h.
Mais informações e links em:

Arduino Introductory Workshop @ FEUP, May 15/22, 2010


This workshop was held in May 2010 as a joint organization with ( ) .
Main details are provided below. For full details please check:

Arduino is a low-cost, open-source microcontroller often used in digital art for the creation of interactive objects, art installations, small robots and other applications. Initially designed to be used by artists and designers, its use was quickly spread to the creation of interactive objects and environments.

This workshop introduces the participant to the basic usage of Arduino. The goal is to get acquainted with the development and programming tools, as well as some basic notions of electronics and the creation of small concept prototypes. See below for a more detailed outline of the workshop's contents.


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