Types of Submission

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

• Tester architecture and circuitry to provide and support high-speed analog signal sourcing/generation
and response capture/sampling
• Embedded and external (hybrid) schemes and circuits for sourcing and capturing high speed signals
• Low bandwidth/Low-cost testing/testers of GHz/Gpbs circuits
• BIT/BIST for GHz/Gbps circuits
• Passive and active loopback testing
• Jitter generation and analysis techniques, using embedded, external, and hybrid circuitry
• Driving and measuring specifications of I/Os with differential signaling
• High-speed/multi-channel test problems and solutions (test fixturing, noise, signal integrity etc)
• On-chip infrastructure IP for accurate on-chip timing, voltage, and current measurements
• Noise modeling and characterization of channels, cabling, sources, receivers, etc.
• Device interface circuitry, and tradeoffs in accuracy and bandwidth
• Tradeoffs between yield, ATE overall timing accuracy (OTA), test environment specifications, and I/O
timing specifications
• DFT and design for manufacturing (DFM) of Gbit/s I/Os
• High-speed I/O test power management
• Test stimulus and response data transfer and processing for go/no-go testing and diagnosis


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