New submission deadline: 14 May, 2010


IAT4EB workshop will provide a space for the discussion of Artificial Intelligence driven concepts and recent developments on Agent-based techniques dealing with interoperability issues in e-business environments. These issues mainly refer to complementary perspectives on agents' interaction, coordination, regulation and trust.

A wide variety of electronic business scenarios and systems, as well as agent-based approaches to this subject, have been proposed in recent years. The primary goal of this workshop is to bring together the most recent and innovative scientific research from a diversity of fields as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems that focus on modelling, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of computational agents for e-business operations.

In the context of IAT4EB workshop, we want to present and discuss promising new work towards the development of advanced methodologies and tools related to agent and multi-agent systems that:

  • support the interaction and collaboration between heterogeneous business agent entities (providing advanced services like negotiation, contracting, ontology facilities, etc)
  • support business process management, through on-line learning and cross enterprises adaptation
  • promote the security of e-business applications, through regulation procedures and trust measures  

   The workshop includes sessions for presentation of peer-reviewed papers, and (panel) discussions.

Topics of Interest

IAT4EB workshop covers both theoretical and practical aspects of agent–based systems in e-business. A non-exaustive list of relevant topics include:

  • Formal models of agent based systems in e-business
  • Auctions and negotiation technology
  • Argumentation for Negotiation
  • Contract theory for e-business
  • Trust and reputation computational models
  • Norms in e-business
  • Self regulation systems
  • Recommender systems
  • Adaptation and learning in e-business
  • Digital business ecosystems
  • Future Internet Enterprise Systems
  • Agent-based business processes
  • Adaptive business processes
  • Agent-based Virtual Organisations
  • Electronic Institutions
  • Cross-enterprise interoperability
  • Ontologies in e-business
  • Social issues in e-business


All workshop participants are required to register for both the workshop and the main conference.


For any question about the workshop, please, contact the organisers.