Call for Papers

Intelligent software agents and multi-agent systems have attractive features like autonomy, adaptability, pro-activity, decentralization and mobility that, when applied to socially interconnected applications, are expected to be able to effectively address problems related to interaction, coordination, negotiation, regulation and trust. The dynamic and complex environment of e-business, as a case of an interconnected system, is thus a fertile area for the application and experimentation of intelligent software agents’ technology. Moreover, business processes management should now deal with the dynamism of e-business environments as well as with the autonomy of e-business entities. Adaptive business processes can efficiently sense, respond, learn and support cross business relationships.

In the context of IAT4SIS workshop, we want to present and discuss promising new work towards the development of advanced methodologies and tools related to agents and multi-agent systems that:

  • support the interaction and collaboration between heterogeneous business agent entities (providing advanced services like negotiation, argumentation, contract, ontology facilities, etc)
  • support business process management, through on-line learning and cross organisations adaptation
  • promote the security of social interconnected applications, through regulation procedures and trust measures  
  • analyze and support, through electronic tools, (enterprises or social) web-based networking


IAT4SIS workshop covers both theoretical and practical aspects of agents operating in socially interconnected systems. Relevant topics include, but are not limited, to:

  • Formal models of agent based systems in e-business
  • Auctions and negotiation technology
  • Argumentation for Negotiation
  • Contract theory for e-business
  • Trust and reputation computational models
  • Norms in interconnected systems
  • Self regulation systems
  • Recommender systems
  • Adaptation and learning in interconnected systems
  • Digital business ecosystems
  • Future Internet Enterprise Systems
  • Agent-based business processes
  • Adaptive business processes
  • Virtual Organisations
  • Electronic Institutions
  • Cross-systems interoperability
  • Ontologies in e-business
  • Tools and methods for network analysis

Submission and Reviewing process

Authors are requested to prepare their submissions, following the ECAI format. Please see  for further details.

All submitted papers will be carefully peer-reviewed by the AIT4SIS Program Committee in a blind-review process and evaluated on the basis of relevance, significance, innovation, technical quality and quality of presentation.

At least one author of an accepted paper must attend the workshop, and present the paper. Registration in the ECAI conference is mandatory to attend AIT4SIS workshop.


Proceedings of all accepted papers will be available in electronic form in ACM Digital Library. 


Best papers will be selected to submit extended versions to a special issue in the International Journal of Agent Technologies and Systems (IJATS)