Learning in Heterogeneous Environments: a Case Study
   Antonio J. M. Castro, Ana Paula Rocha and Eugénio Oliveira

Situational Deliberation: Getting to Social Intelligence
   Frank Dignum, Virginia Dignum, Rui Prada and Catholijn Jonker

Policy Enforcement for the Web of Data
   Truc-Vien T. Nguyen and Nicoletta Fornara.

WMAIS-E² workflow model: Extended Entreprise Case
   Hajer Bouricha, Lobna Hsairi and Khaled Ghedira

Dynamic Composition of Service Oriented Multi-agent System in Self-organized Environments
   Nelson Rodrigues, Paulo Leitao and Eugénio Oliveira

Two-Stage Negotiation Protocol for Lowering the Consumption of Convexly Priced Resources
   Jernej Zupancic, Damjan Kuznar, Bostjan Kaluza and Matjaz Gams