VII Iberian Conference on Tribology

Keynote Speakers

The conference program includes two keynote plenary Lectures by distinguish scientists in the field of Tribology, to provide thematic presentations on their most recent findings:

Prof. Guillermo Morales-Espejel


Prof. Albano Cavaleiro

Senior Scientist SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V., The Netherlands, and Professor at LaMCoS, INSA de Lyon, France.Full Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.

Surface Life: The Next Challenge in Rolling Bearings and Other Heavily Loaded Lubricated Contacts.

Self-lubricating coatings – solution for near frictionless contacts?

The talk will cover the motivation for the understanding of the surface life of heavily-loaded lubricated contacts and its industrial context in relation to rolling bearings and SKF.
It would then review the different global challenges for engineers in this field (system approach, competitive failure modes, uncertain operating conditions, etc). Next, it would review different surface failure modes in these contacts and would discuss calculation schemes for them (e.g. surface distress, indentations, smearing, additive interaction, vibrations, friction, etc.).
Finally a review of the remaining challenges and possible treatment schemes will be outlined. The main idea is to leave the audience with a clear message of the importance in the understanding of surface life in lubricated contacts, the current knowledge and the remaining gaps for future research.

The development of coatings with self-lubricating properties can be a solution to either avoid the use of harmful liquid lubricants, reducing the environmental impact, or to contribute to significantly reduce and control friction and wear in rolling and sliding contacts, in order to saving energy, extend operational life and reduce maintenance requirements.
In this talk, we will transmit our experience with transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) coatings and the main achievements in reducing friction and improving wear resistance through TMD alloying with different elements, particularly carbon and nitrogen. This solution allowed reaching friction coefficients as low as 0.03 and 0.005 in humid and dry atmospheres, respectively, under contact pressures higher than 1 GPa.

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VII Iberian Conference on Tribology

20-21 June, 2013

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