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Reengineering the healthcare supply chain
Authors: A.Paulo Guedes (DEIG)
Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management are crucial to Healthcare services improvement. They typically account for major inefficiencies in healthcare services, they may cause important disruptions in delivering the service and they have a major impact in the client/patient service quality perception.

The project aims at designing an integrated Logistics and Supply Chain strategic planning and modeling system that supports in the process of defining the best configuration of the supply chain, for a particular number of hospitals/units and for the various categories of goods, that minimizes the total supply chain costs for a given service level.

It involves strategic and tactical decisions on what type of relationship with suppliers, what type of relationship and methods with the clinical services (replenishment, just-in-time, etc), what type of cost structure, what inventory location and degree of centralization, what ownership of inventories, what number and location of warehouses (external and or internal), for the different product categories.  
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