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Process Engineering for Complex Business Services
Authors: Lia Patrício
António Brito
other researchers from DEIG /IDMEC and INESC to be involved
The research project aims at the development of a framework for the analysis, design and governance of complex services, together with their supporting business processes. As main application domains, the design and delivery of health and educational services involving multiple and heterogeneous participants, as well as knowledge based decisions requiring intensive collaboration, will be addressed.

The research will explore innovative approaches for the concurrent engineering of the new service design and their corresponding service delivery processes. Systems Engineering frameworks will be considered for the meta-structuring of the processes supporting the entire service life-cycle.

The expected framework will encompass an analysis and design methodology and an enabling platform offering a comprehensive set of tools for:
• risk modeling and assessment of complex services
• knowledge and process management integration
• semi-structured collaborative processes management 
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