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InfoBus - Relaying interactive location- and context-based information on automotive networks
Authors: Rui Rodrigues
António Coelho (DEIC)
Public transportation vehicles are accountable for a large percentage of the time spent daily by many people who use them to reach their work, school, or other daily activities. They are also used in a more irregular model by travelers visiting a city for work or leisure.
These two common usage patterns lead to commonly identified uses of the “real estate” available in vehicle surfaces: information and advertising.

With the ever-growing availability of interactive displays, geographic location devices and rich geo-referenced information sources, new opportunities arise in terms of interactive rich location- and context-based information and services that can be provided to the users.

Checking connections, accessing traffic information, or contextual information about the area where the vehicle is currently located are some examples of such services. These could furthermore be extended with augmented reality, superimposing information over the vehicle’s windows, or with mobile connectivity, allowing a user to capture such information to a mobile device for later usage.

This project aims to investigate, propose and develop such types of systems and services.
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