Who we are:

The IBM Portugal Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Enterprise Engineering and Management (EEM) aims at being a preeminent applied research center of excellence in Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME), dedicated to foster collaboration among academia, industry, government, and IBM Research Laboratories, transfer scientific breakthroughs and innovations into IBM research, products and services, for the benefit of IBM stakeholders, in Portugal and worldwide, and influencing the evolution of education, research, business and government.

Areas of Research:

Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME), brings together ongoing work in the following areas in order to develop the skills required in a services-led economy: • Computer science
• Operations research
• Industrial engineering
• Business strategy
• Management sciences
• Social and cognitive sciences
• Legal sciences

Our Partners:

University of Porto (UP) and associated relevant education and research organizations such as FEUP, INESC Porto, INEGI and IDMEC Pólo FEUP, support IBM Portugal on the establishment of the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Enterprise Engineering and Management (EEM).

Worldwide Expertise:

University of Porto, in particular the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DEIG) and the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the Faculty of Engineering have developed expertise through research and education activities, offering also advanced services to businesses and government in those areas.

IBM Portugal Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Enterprise Engineering and Management (EEM), will focus in the development of projects in the following areas, benefiting from IBM worldwide expertise:
• SSME – Service Science, Management and Engineering
• SOA – Services Oriented Architecture
• Cloud Computing / Vitalization
• BPM – Business Process Management
• K-12 – Secondary School education

Innovative Infrastructures:

A Virtual Computing Laboratory, “Anytime, Anywhere, On Demand”, and a Distributed Services Delivery Center, based on the models that IBM and NCSU have recently developed are the basis for an important infrastructure to be available for research and advanced education support.

Such infrastructure has relevant features, such as:
• 24x7 availability
• Dynamic image virtualization as a key component
• Enabling access to advanced technology for all users

This infrastructure’s value can be summarized by the following:
• Low cost location-free virtual IT service for teaching and research, continually enhanced by on going research at UP and associated institutions
• Technical skills pipeline enabler
• Can link to net add hardware, software, and services opportunities

The ongoing and new research projects at UP and at other Portuguese universities will benefit from such advanced infrastructure, enabling new projects to be feasible.

IBM CAS Portugal
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Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
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www.fe.up.pt/IBM-CAS-Portugal www.ibm.com/ibm/cas