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From the local town council to international collaborations, new ways of working are underway.
Citizen-centric"—the evolution to e-government continues.
Just as private enterprises have rediscovered their mission and business model by returning to a focus on customers, governments around the world are finding success in reorienting their structures, information technology and policies around the citizens they serve. This can range from "one-stop shopping" for previously discrete sets of services to information sharing and collaboration across regions and borders for the benefit of both citizens and government.


There has never been a better time to make our education technology systems, both here and around the world, smarter.

School and higher education systems are straining under budget cuts. The demand for knowledge workers with specialized skills is growing. Many jobs will require lifelong training and a continuous updating of skills. And the education industry has grown increasingly complex and difficult to quantify, as students pursue a variety of alternative learning paths.

The good news is that there have been advances in education technology—cloud computing, open source systems, virtualization, analytics—that can help our systems refresh outdated infrastructures with new functionality. They can become more interconnected, instrumented and intelligent. In a word, smarter. And it is already happening.

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