Transport and Mobility

The transport sector plays an important role in citizens’ quality of life, contributing to territorial and social cohesion and being a powerful engine for business and economic development.

Sustainable mobility

The mobility of goods and people, which transport massification has brought about, poses new opportunities and challenges having an impact on attracting economic agents and investments, but also on the citizens’ own health. Implementing sustainable mobility is fundamental for achieving the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy, especially regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Given Portugal’s geostrategic positioning, an efficient, well-articulated and intermodal transport network is crucial in the national design of greater internationalisation of the economy.

The IC has developed relevant R&D activities in this area, especially in devising mobility plans, the study of road networks such as assessing and defining road hierarchy, the study of the public transport network (road and rail), developing transport models and the study of parking.


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IC - Transport and Mobility

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