i3Dc – Session S12

Data: 01 Abr - 01 Abr
Horário: 11:00H

An Overview of 3D Concrete Printing Technology

Dr. Luai Al Kurdi

Abstract: This presentation will showcase an overview of today’s 3D Concrete Printing technology and various projects that have been constructed using this technology throughout the world. It will give you a better understanding of the basics of 3D Concrete Printing and the challenges that face the industry today.

Short Bio: Luai Kurdi, the Founder & CEO of PRINT4D. He is an Architect and a 3D Concrete Printing Expert, he has been working full time utilizing this technology for more than 3 years. His startup company revolutionizes the way concrete is used in construction by reducing the amount of concrete needed to build structures, reducing the CO2 footprint, and also eliminating waste in construction projects. He has been working on multiple applications in construction from small scale projects such as infrastructure projects to large scale projects such as a fully printed building.


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