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Engaging in the pulse of the urban dynamics of an Alentejo village, enhancing its historical, constructive and cultural heritage based on the appreciation of its constructive, architectural and urban traditions, is the cornerstone that we intend to promote through a set of seminars and workshops to be developed throughout the 2021/22 school year.
Monforte has evolved over the centuries in a very contained and progressive way. Its urban configuration results from the consolidation of the nucleus within the walls and the expansions that extended it outside them, first along the Roman bridge, with the construction of the “rossio” and, recently, with the expansion through the construction of its main equipment and population settlements, thus endowing it with an architectural, historical and cultural heritage of great richness that determine its image and its unique identity.
Its peripheral condition in relation to several resources caused a demographic retreat that emptied part of its historic center that it is urgent to safeguard, given its potential and resource that it constitutes. In view of this opportunity for heritage conservation and architectural rehabilitation, during the 2021/22 school year, we established debates around Heritage as a permanent, determining and contributory factor in the sustainability of the territory and identity, but also as a determinant in the development strategy to the village of Monforte.
Based on this motto, it is time to create the opportunity to bring together world experts in a broad debate, as well as to open this exercise to young students, challenging them to participate in the creative process in a workshop format, as a corollary of the seminar cycle, and encouraging them to propose balanced intervention solutions between the existing and the proposed, between tradition and innovation.
The aim is integrating heritage with new uses and new dynamics, in a network of understanding and respect for strategies that allow interpreting, preserving, reusing, redesigning, recovering and treating.
In this way, from an opportunity (Monforte), the FEUP ‘s Institute of Construction and the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Lusíada University of Porto, intends to create a unique moment of knowledge and experience sharing between specialists from different academic areas around of the same problem of intervention in the Built Heritage, putting it into practice with multidisciplinary creative proposals developed by the students.
The development of the workshop will have the support of the Municipality of Monforte which, aware of the enormous latent potential of the village’s history and heritage, will welcome it at the Autumn Equinox 2022.
There were a number of important lessons learned from the Aga Khan Trust for Culture’s Aga Khan Historic Cities Program’s rich and varied experience in this regard. These lessons were distilled by the organizing team with a view to designing and organizing the entire program of seminars and workshops that will culminate in the workshop and face-to-face seminar to be held in Monforte in September 2022.


In a typical Alentejo village, Monforte, the Autumn Equinox 2022 workshop – from 5 to 9 September 2022. With a strong practical component, it aims to provide students [mainly, but not exclusively, in the second cycle (4 and 5 years) of the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Heritage Rehabilitation courses] the opportunity to develop, as part of multidisciplinary teams, specific proposals for heritage conservation and architectural rehabilitation in the context of its historic centre, in buildings and urban space.
The workshop will aim to provide participants with the opportunity to put into practice methodologies of investigation and intervention in the heritage, in a real context, supported by teachers and tutors, also contributing to the requalification of the village and region enhancement.
The workshop will be informed by the experience of the Aga Khan Historic Cities Program (AKHCP), notably its integrated urban rehabilitation methodology.

How to Apply


The language to be used during the activities will be mainly English and Portuguese, so at least basic skills using this language are recommended.

Number of participants

Places are limited to 20.
We will be developing a selection process among all candidates. Several places will be reserved for the students of each participating university.
Send us a motivation letter and a Short CV.


The resgistration fee is 120€.
This Fee includes tuition, accomodation, meals and transportation during the workshop period.
Travels to arrive and departure from Monforte must be guaranteed by candidates.

Resgistration and Deadline

Those interested in integrate the workshop must fill the Application Form.

The registration deadline is 1st august 2022.



Bruno Marques. 932 437 041