The Yalda ceremoney will be held on 17th of December at aeFEUP.

The Yalda ceremoney will be held on 17th of December at aeFEUP.

Constitution of Iranian Students Association in Porto:

Article I - Name:
This organization shall be called the Iranian Students association in Porto. Hereafter referred to as ISPorto.

Article II - Objectives:
Iranian Students association in Porto, is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious student group. The objective of ISPorto is to sponsor Persian culture, social activities as well as academic events. ISPorto also attempts to build and sustain an environment of friendship and support for the students at University of Porto and surrounding communties

Article III - Membership:

Anybody who is interested in Iranian culture and traditions can join ISPorto. There are three types of membership in ISPorto:
Regular members: as mentioned before, anybody interested in Iranian culture and traditions is eligible to be an ISPorto regular member. In return, members will get information about ISPorto future events and will enjoy benefits offered by ISPorto.
Active members: upon each regular member request, board members will decide based on the level of activities performed by each regular member, to convert their membership from regular to active. In return, active members will enjoy more facilities, discounts and offers by ISPorto.
Board members: they are elected based on Article V of this constitution. Board members are responsible for organizing ISPorto activities based on this constitution.

Article IV - Board of Directors (BoD):
The objective of the BoDs is organizing and facilitating events. The BoD shall consist of seven (7) members. Two (2) people are also elected as substitute members.
Rights: All board members have equal authority and right. Individual responsibilities will be distributed within the board and each member has a specific position with relevant tasks.
Removal/Resign: If any member intends to leave or is decided to be removed from the board for any reason, the position will be replaced by one of the substitute members.
The corresponding duties of each board member are as follows:
President: is the executive officer of the BoD and presides all meetings. The president has general supervision on the affairs of ISPorto. Preparing annual report based on group activities before handing over the position to the new president, announcing newly elected BoDs and the process of election are the president duties. Moreover, the president presents ISPorto at all conferences, conventions and faculty or alumni meetings.
Secretary: is the junior executive officer and acts on behalf of the president in the event of his/her absence. The Secretary records the proceedings of each meeting and distribute the minutes to the members.
Treasurer: maintains records of all expenditures and ensures that generally accepted accounting practices and monetary controls are in place.
Public relations: manages communication between the BoD and the regular members. This member collects the topics of interests from all members and delivers to the board members. This position also implies updating the web-page contents and sending group newsletters.
Academic affairs: organizes distinguished talks, seminars and student conferences.
Cultural affairs: establishes events which advertise the Persian culture and tradition.
Fun affairs: manages small events which are mainly social activities, such as trips and picnics.

Article V: Elections
Election of the BoD shall be held annually within one month after Nowruz celebration. The exact date of the next election shall be announced by the president of the current board. The terms and conditions of the elections are as follows:
All ISPorto members are eligible to be nominated as a BoD candidate.
All present members of the association can participate in voting. Absent vote shall not be accepted.
Each candidate can be nominated for only one position.
The majority of the present votes shall determine the BoD.
The new BoD shall take the office after the president announces the newly elected BoD.

Article VI: Amendment
Any board member has right to suggest changes in this constitution except about the objectives article. The ISPorto objective article is unchangeable. The amendments have to pass by a general consensus in a regular board meeting.

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