Current Team

PhD Students

  • Rui Meireles (with Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon)
  • Diogo Ferreira
  • João Rodrigues (with Ana Aguiar)
  • Saurabh Shintre (with Virgil Gligor, Carnegie Mellon)
  • Pedro Santos (with Ana Aguiar)
  • Hana Khamfroush (with Daniel Lucani)
  • Susana Bulas Cruz
  • Alex Ligo (with Pedro Ferreira, Carnegie Mellon)

    Group Alumni

  • Luísa Araújo Lima, PhD in Computer Science, Thesis on Network Coding Security, December 2010. Faculty member at U. Porto.
  • Gerhard Maierbacher, PhD in Computer Science, Thesis on Coding Strategies for Sensor Networks: Clustering, Compression and Network Coding, July 2011. Presently at Fraunhofer Munich.
  • João Paulo Vilela, PhD in Computer Science, Thesis on Jamming for Wireless Secrecy, July 2011. Faculty member Universidade de Coimbra.
  • Paulo Falcão Oliveira, PhD in Computer Science, Coding and Anonymity for Secure Networking, January 2012. Co-founder and Senior Engineer at Streambolico (U.Porto spin-off).
  • Sérgio Crisóstomo, PhD in Computer Science, Information Dissemination in Random Networks (with Christian Bettstetter, Klagenfurt). Faculty at U. Porto.
  • Mate Boban, PhD in ECE, Realistic and Efficient Channel Modeling for Vehicular Networks. Post-Doc at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Rui A. Costa, PhD in Computer Science, Network Coding for Delay Constrained Wireless Systems with Feedback. Co-Founder and Senior Engineer at Streambolico.
  • João Almeida, PhD in Telecommunications, Adaptive Codes for Physical Layer Security, Senior Engineer at Streambolico.
  • Maricica Nistor, PhD in Telecommunications, Network Coding Protocols with Delay and Energy Constraints.

    Former Post-docs

  • Dr. Traian Abrudan
  • Dr. Mariana Kaiseler
  • Dr. Fausto Vieira
  • Dr. Tiago Vinhoza
  • Dr. Ian Marsh
  • Dr. Luisa Lima
  • Administrative Assistants

  • Sílvia Bettencourt Ribeiro
  • Cristiana Silva

    Past Visitors

  • Prof. Peter Steenkiste, CMU, July 2011
  • Pedro Pinto, MIT, Jan / Feb 2010
  • Minji Kim, MIT, Jan / Feb 2010
  • Willie Harrisson, Georgia Tech, Jan-Mar 2010 <
  • Prof. André Zúquete (on sabbatical from U. Aveiro), 2007/08.
  • Prof. J. Nicholas Laneman (Notre-Dame)
  • Prof. Sergio D. Servetto (Cornell)
  • Prof. Steven W. McLaughlin (Georgia Tech)
  • Dr. Matthieu Bloch (Georgia Tech)
  • Prof. Raymond Yeung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Prof. Muriel Médard (MIT)
  • Prof. Max Costa (Unicamp, Brazil)
  • Prof. Valery Korzhik (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • Prof. Manuel Barbosa (on sabbatical from U. Minho)
  • Pedro Pinto (visiting PhD student from MIT)


    At University of Porto

    Master Theses since 2005

  • João Paulo Vilela, Cooperative Security Schemes for Optimized Link State Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks. (Concluded: 2/07)
  • António Santos, Navigation of Underwater Vehicles with an Accoustic Network. (Concluded: 1/07)
  • Rui A. Costa, Capacity and Connectivity of Wireless Networks. (Concluded: 10/07)

    Research Scholarship Projects since 2005

  • Luísa Araújo Lima, Mobile Data Gathering in Sensor Networks.
  • Paulo Falcão, Security Aspects of Data Gathering in Sensor Networks.
  • Rui A. Costa, Capacity of Small World Networks.
  • Rodrigo Carvalho, Load Balancing in Sensor Networks.
  • Miguel Santos Silva (with L. Lopes), Calculi and Languages for Sensor Networks.
  • Hugo Conceição (with M. Ferreira), Traffic Control and Navigation with Mobile Sensor Networks.
  • Diogo Ferreira, Secure Protocols for Wireless Networks.
  • João Almeida, Code Design under Secrecy Constraints.
  • Pedro Almeida (with M. Rodrigues), Filter Design for Secrecy Systems.
  • José Serra, Network Coding Simulation.
  • Francisco Santos, Practical Network Coding.


  • Maria João, Random Graphs and Small-World Networks (Concluded 7/2006)

    Teacher Training and Scientific Project

    Nelson Gomes, Carla Vale and Maria Nelson

    At Technische Universität München

    Master Theses at TUM (Oct. 1999 - Dec. 2003)

  • Ioannis Oikonomidis, Multiple Description Audio Coding for Packet Networks.
  • Seong Per Lee (with M. Tuechler). Iterative Decoding of Correlated Sensor Data.
  • Weiqun Xu (with A. Schaefer). Serially Concatenated Turbo Codes for Data Compression of Gaussian Sources.
  • Jian Shen (with A. Schaefer). Data Compression with Parallel Concatenated Turbo Codes.
  • Markus Pfeiffer (with A. Schaefer). Source Coding with Side Information using LDPC codes.
  • Tamara Sotgiu (with G. Liebl). Multiple Description Coding in Congested Networks.
  • Dionis Samoilenko, Synchronization of Multimedia Data Streams.
  • Harald Haas (with T. Stockhammer), On Causal Transmission of Correlated Sources over Packet Lossy Channels.
  • Christoph Hausl (with M. Tuechler). Scalable Decoding for Large-Scale Sensor Networks.
  • Gerhard Maierbacher, Coding and Estimation Algorithms for Noisy Sensor Data.
  • Dmytro Chakhoyan (with N. Duetsch). Joint Source and Channel Coding with Punctured Turbo Codes.

    Bachelor Projects at TUM

  • Dmytro Chakhoyan, Entropy Constrained Multiterminal Source Coding.
  • Demijan Klinc, Transmission of High-Quality Audio over Packet Networks using Multiple Descriptions.
  • Mehrnoush Rahmani, Complementary Punctured Convolutional Codes for Multiple Descriptions.
  • Kangyi Long, Comparison of Multiple Description Coding Schemes Based on Network Simulations.
  • Marc Muntzinger (with C. Hausl). Network Code Construction.