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The status information area indicates (in red) which TAP is currently selected, displays information about the state of the internal counters and the available error flags, and indicates which error flag is currently selected. The example shown below in figure 1 provides the following information: 

Fig. 1: Status information displayed by JTAGer.

  • - TAP0 is currently selected (any test instruction executed will refer to this TAP; execution of seltap1 will switch to TAP1). Error flag 0 is the current error flag in TAP0 and error flag 0 is the current error flag in TAP1 (serflgx switches to flag X in the current TAP).
  • - The TAP0 counter is the currently selected counter (any counter related instruction will refer to this counter). Counter selection follows the TAP selection instructions.

Further to this area, a status line is provided at the bottom of the main window (e.g. to indicate syntax errors found on the current code line).