My name is Luis Moreira-Matias and I have a MsC in Software Engineering and a Phd in Computer Science/Machine Learning from U. Porto since 2009 and 2015, respectively.

Currently, I work as Senior Researcher at NEC Research Labs in Heidelberg (Germany) and I am IEEE member. Additionally, I also develop freelance consultancy activites for Data Science projects (e.g. w/ AddVolt). My main research interests are: Supervised Learning (Classification, Regression, Time Series Analysis), Adaptive Learning systems (to learn from non stationary distributions) and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) - i.e., to learn how to use AI to different projects/verticals/datasets automatically. On the application side, I have a strong interest on Transportation, followed by Retail and Banking sectors.

I develop research prototypes over my own novel learning frameworks using mainly R. Ocasionally, I also use Python/C/C++. For additional information, please check my CV.

Thank you for visiting my personal homepage!

Contacts: luis.moreira.matias[at] .::. (+49) 6221 4342261 .::. (+49) 15252902933

Latest Updates

16/10/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of Applied Sciences!!!

11/10/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of IEEE Access!!!

06/10/2017 - I just got a paper accepted at TRB 2018 about Evaluating the potential Impact of AI-based information on Taxi Drivers. Check it out here!!!

18/09/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems - Technology, Planning, and Operations!!!

14/09/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of WIRE's Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery!!!

13/09/2017 - I am now Editor of a SI at IEEE ITSS on Mining Mobility Data! Check the CFP here!!!

12/09/2017 - I just got invited to be keynote speaker in European IoT Analytics Summit - EuroIoTA'17 at 24/11/2017, in Porto!!!

06/09/2017 - Proud to be invited to give my testimony in the IEEE ITSS promotional movie! Check it out here!!!

04/09/2017 - CBInsights featured NEC Labs' AI-oriented research on understanding spatiotemporal patterns! Proud to be part of NEC AI innovation wave!!

16/08/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of PLOS ONE!!!

02/08/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory!!!

27/07/2017 - I just got invited to be part of the Program Committee of CSAE 2017 - The International Conference on Computer Science and Application Engineering!!!

26/07/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of Knowledge and Information Systems!!!

25/07/2017 - I just got a paper accepted on automated evaluation of Floating Car Data at KNOWMe: an ECML/PKDD workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Mobility and Transportation Systems. Check it out here!!!

19/07/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of Journal of Intelligent Information Systems!!!

25/05/2017 - I am organizing the 3rd edition of the workshop on Intelligent Public Transport (IPT) at IEEE ITSC 2017! Know more here!!

25/05/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of ISPRS - International Journal of Geo-Information!!!

04/05/2017 - I am organizing a workshop on KDD of Mobility/Transportation Data - KnowME - at ECML/PKDD 2017! Accepted papers go to a Special Issue IEEE Transactions on ITS!! Know more here!!!

27/04/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of The 2017 IEEE Conference on Smart City Innovations!!!

07/04/2017 - I am now invited reviewer of 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems!!!

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