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Contents of the RoboCup Tutorial

The RoboSoccer Tutorial includes the participation of members of all Portuguese major Robosoccer teams. It includes:

Tutorial - Describing the RoboCup initiative and the different leagues
Short communications - Describing different approaches to the Robosoccer leagues
Video Projections - Official games in the European and World championships
Demonstrations - Simulation and Robotic demonstrations
Simulation League exhibition tournament, featuring the world top teams


Luís Paulo Reis (World and European Champion of the Simulation League, LIACC-NIADR / University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal)


Luís Paulo Reis
Nuno Lau: FC Portugal - (Univ. Porto / Univ. Aveiro) - Simulation league
Paulo Costa: 5dpo Team - (FEUP) - Small Size league
António Paulo Moreira: 5dpo Team - (FEUP) - Middle Size league
Pedro Lima: IsocRob Team - (IST) - Middle Size league
Fernando Ribeiro: Minho Team - (Univ. Minho) - Middle Size league

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