Programa Detalhado

SUNDAY, 21/06

10h:00 Registration
15h:30 Opening Ceremony
16h:00 Classical Orchestra of FEUP Concert
17h:00 Plenary Session | Thinking through the social leg of the stoolCaroline Baillie
18h:00 SPM Award Ceremony
18h:15 Welcome Reception


MONDAY, 22/06

08h:30 Plenary Session | Frontiers in Mechanics of Materials  Nicola Pugno
09h:30 LANEMA / Quadrant Technical Presentation
10h:00 Coffee-Break
10h:30 Oral Sessions A
12h:30 Lunch Break
14h:00 Plenary Session | Critical materials in smart products: Chances and Challenges for Materials Science and Engineering  Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink
15h:00 Oral Sessions B
16h:00 Coffee-Break & Poster Session A
17h:30 Oral Sessions C
19h:15 Departure for Conference Dinner
20h:00 Conference Dinner


TUESDAY, 23/06

08h:30 Plenary Session | Spintronic devices: exploring new functionalities of magnetic materialsPaulo Freitas
09h:30 Oral Sessions D
10h:30 Coffee-Break
11h:00 Oral Sessions E
12h:30 Lunch Break
14h:00 Plenary Session | Once upon a time… A Scientific society Paloma Fernandez
15h:00 Oral Sessions F
16h:30 Coffee-Break & Poster Session B
18h:00 Closure Ceremony