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1 General Information
2 Academic Activities
2.1 Courses
2.2 Supervision
PhD. Theses
MSc. Theses
3 Research
3.1 Topics of Interest Distributed Decentralised Dynamic Systems
  • Distributed Systems: Service-Oriented Architectures, Web Services, Cloud Computing, Interoperability
  • Intelligent Software Agents
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI): Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), Knowledge Representation (Ontologies, Beliefs), Belief Revision (individual and social)
  • Global Positioning and Navigation Systems: GNSS, DGNSS, SBAS, etc.
  • Amateur Satellite Communications
3.2 Projects
3.3 Publications
3.4 Conferences
  • WorldCIST 2017: 5th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, 11th to 13th April 2017, Porto Santo Island, Portugal.
  • IPP4B Workshop at TVX 2017: 1st In-Programme Personalisation for Broadcast Workshop at the International ACM Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video, 14th June 2017, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
  • DCAI 2017: 14th International Conference Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence, 21st to 23rd June 2017, Porto, Portugal.
  • CISTI 2017: 12th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, 14th to 17th June 2017, Lisboa, Portugal.
  • WRSC/IRSC 2017: 10th World Robotic Sailing Championship and International Robotic Sailing Conference, 4 a 8 de setembro de 2017, Horten, Norway.
  • CLAWAR 2017: 20th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and Support Technologies for Mobile Machines, 11th to 13th September 2017, Porto, Portugal.
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5 How to contact me
Address ISEP, DEE, Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431, P-4200-072 PORTO, PORTUGAL
Office F525
Telephone +351 22 83 40 500 (ext: 1117)
Fax +351 22 83 21 159
Email mbm 'at' isep 'dot' ipp 'dot' pt
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