[Video] Pitch Framie – Demoday 1st Edition Startup Porto Accelerator

We all had a sticker album once in our lives. Back then, that was our main job: to collect our favourite stickers. We had our favourite football players, our favourite Pokémons, animals, and so on. We saved money to buy the stickers to complete the collection; we traded the duplicates with our friends; we fully lived our sticker albums. But that’s all in the past now.
What if we could bring back that thrill and excitement of exploring as when we were a child? What if we brought that experience back in a way that’s simple, timeless, engaging and that can be done with your friends, your kids or by yourself?
This is what Framie is all about.
Framie is a mobile social application that redesigns the way people collect, providing thematic photo collections for people to complete with their own photos, based on predefined watermarks. Just like a sticker album. This approach gives users ready to use content that challenges them to move, explore and learn. At the same time, brands can create collections and promote their offering in a more dynamic, engaging and targeted way, enticing their clients to take action. Framie aims at partnering up with renowned brands, earning revenue through its direct contribution to the increase of brand awareness, user engagement levels and customer data.
The project started in the course of Project for Opportunity Identification and Evaluation and had its continuity on Business Construction Project at MIET. The team behind Framie, António Lisboa, Cristiano Silva, Filipe Lima, Mónica Leiras and Tiago Monteiro kept working on it after finishing MIETE and were now awarded a 5.000€ prize at Startup Porto Accelerator #1. The app’s beta phase is set to launch on August 2017.
So, are you going to collect the world?