Training and New Business Construction

This 2nd Cycle promotes and innovative combination of training in technology (any topic from the University of Porto), Creativity, Development of New Products and Services and management, promoting, whenever appropriate, the valorisation of technologies through the construction of commercialisation strategies and their implementation through licensing or through the creation of new businesses. In this context, where innovation is approached as a conscious and consistent effort for identifying new opportunities, MIETE aims at bridging the gap between the technology discovery – conducted at Faculties, Research Institutes, Research Units and Enterprises – and the commercialisation of innovative technology-based products and services, both through the constructions of new businesses or through the transfer of technology to existing companies.

MIETE as Pivot in the Technology Transfer Process
The model with which MIETE started in Sep/04 relied heavily on the interaction of MIETE teams and R&D groups at the University of Porto. In Sep/06 the new MIETE students faced an increment in training in the usage of creative processes and techniques to support the early ideation phases. In parallel, the course started the establishment of bridges to the enterprises. This connection is crucial for the role that MIETE aims at playing in the Portuguese society. The picture below illustrates the current MIETE operations model where MIETE multidisciplinary teams play an interface role in Training, Technology Transfer, R&D and established enterprises.
By promoting this close relationship with R&D groups and Enterprises, MIETE wishes to explicitly position itself as a Pivot in the innovation process, technology transfer and new venture creation.