2nd Cycle / Master Program

Our Value Proposition

Promote the integrated training of managers and entrepreneurs through a practical education ( “hands-on approach”) which, being based on solid theoretical concepts and a professional monitoring and coaching, enables the development of skills and knowledge for the effective management of knowledge and innovation and the development of new businesses. These high potential new businesses, could be developed within existing companies or through the creation of new ventures.

Entrepreneurship Training for a Corporate Job?

Unlike one may think, it really makes sense!

Professor Stephen Markham explains why (read here) in an interview in MIETE-BLOG. Professor Stephen Markham is the Director of The Entrepreneurship Collaborative at the Department of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the North Carolina State University (USA)

Join as a Student and leave with your own Business! Some MIETE students have done it. Now it’s your turn!

In this context, please accept our invitation to watch this most inspiring video narrated by Steve Jobs: © 1997 Apple Inc. Think Different. Steve Jobs narrated version.

Kinematix, formely Tomorrow Options, was launched as result of work developed within MIETE Business Development Project Courses. View in this link interview with Paulo Santos in RTP2 (Portuguese Television, PT-Only). Experience shows the relevance of being in the right market at the right time.  TUNE is the new product from Kinematix. TUNE helps you to use your feet efficiently when running! The better your running technique is, the better your results are, with fewer injuries! Read more about TUNE here.

This company closed in 2017, this is why some links no longer work.

“Intimate Customer Understanding” by Steve Blank (check video in this link)

“(…) There’s nothing about a business that isn’t rocket science to understand well enough within a certain period of time. I’m not asking you to become a heart surgeon, but it’s not that hard to understand the tools a heart surgeon might needBut you won’t do it from inside your building. That is, the job of a great entrepreneur is to become a domain expert, enough to understand the day in the life of their customer, their buyer and anybody else in their organizational chain. If you can’t do that, you are just tying one hand behind your own back. And if that sounds like too much of a burden, don’t do it and be like every other entrepreneur that goes out of business. Understanding why your customers buy, what’s important to them isn’t passed. “Gee, I developed a neat idea in my dorm or company. (…)”