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Applications for 2023/25:

  • Applications for MIETE Edition 2023/25
    • Note on Applicants’ Background
      • Since September 2004, our 1st edition, MIETE has been receiving students from all academic backgrounds, including Engineering, Management, Economics, Architecture, Design, and several Social Sciences. The reasons is that innovation thrives in multidisciplinary teams, and we aim at building them inside MIETE.  You are most welcome to join MIETE teams and bring in your contribution!
    • Dates for application:
      • Please mind that we have 3 phases. Please “Further information” to know more about the process.
    • Further information:
      • Informações para candidatura – MIET 2023/2024   242KB – 2023/01/10 Conteúdo Recente
        (Informação provisória – Aguarda aprovação) – Informações detalhadas para candidatura – Mestrado em Inovação e Empreendedorismo Tecnológico 2023/2024

      • Information for application – MIET 2023/24    237KB – 2023/01/10 Conteúdo Recente
        (Provisional information – approval pending) – Detailed information for application – Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship 2023/24

    • To submit your application
      • Please follow this link.

  • Further information: tuition fees (propinas) – further detail – and academic calendar.
  • Weekly Timetable: we try as much as possible to keep our weekly schedule aligned with our Reference Timetable (horário de referênciaavailable in this link.
    • MIETE schedules are here (mind that you should be authenticated).
    • A usual question is where can I find a course schedule? The answer is quite easy, please go to the course page (example here) and click on the “Schedule” link on the right side of the page (mind that you should be authenticated).
    • At FEUP homepage, you can get to the schedules the following way, for any program/course:
      1. Select the Master Program
      2. Open the Program page. On that page, on the right, you will find the “Schedules” link. Click there.
      3 . Then, in the period select 1st semester or 2nd semester.
  • Further information for students (please confirm the date of publication for each link): Special Status and Conditions (e.g.: Student Worker), Rules for Part-time Enrollment
  • Important notice 1 
    • We advise avoiding giving a “Hotmail” or “Yahoo” account e-mails as your application contact. The reason is that FEUP notification messages are, very often, automatically blocked.
  • Important notice 2 
    • For any clarification regarding formal issues related to the enrollment process or letters for VISA applications, new applicants are kindly requested to address their questions to the Academic Services at Faculty of Engineering of U.Porto using the following email: [email protected] .
  • Important notice 3 
    • Advice on Part-time Enrollment: 1) mind that if you do the full program part-time, it will take 4 years to complete, please confirm in the Rules for Part-time Enrollment the number of credits that you are allowed to do per year; 2) if you indeed want to go part-time, plan carefully which courses you want to complete each semester.