1. Electives must be selected from any 2nd Cycle at U.Porto.  However, students with background in Humanities (area 02) or Social Sciences (area 05) (see page one of the document in this link), will have to select curricular units belonging to the areas 03 (Natural Sciences), 04 (Physical Sciences) or 06 (Technological Sciences).
  2. We have only 12 ECTS of electives, 6 ECTS in the 1st Semester and 6 ECTS in the 2nd Semester.
  3. Check further information in the document with Ranking Criteria 2016/17 available at this link (PT and EN).

The scientific area classification follows the CORDIS Reference (use this link).

The videos below clarify what is a Master level course and hot to find a course in an area of your preference using Google.

Video 1: What is a 1st and a 2nd cycle

Video 2: How to Select a Course at U.Porto using Google