Master Dissertation in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship
The topics will cover a broad spectrum based on the core of the master themes: innovation and entrepreneurship in technology. Topics such as:
• Innovation policies
• Technology-based Entrepreneurship
• Innovation management (products, processes, services and business)
• Technological Benchmarking
• Surveillance and technology foresight
The more technical nature of theses should not be restricted to the strict development of technology, but rather be framed in the central themes of the master: innovation and entrepreneurship.

Useful Documents

  • MIETE, Assessment Rubric for the Public Exam has 3 components:
    • Technical-scientific quality of the work developed: 50%;
    • Quality of the dissertation document: 35%
    • Quality of the presentation and public discussion: 15%.
  1. Form to be used upon final Dissertation Submission (here-PT) – authenticated access
  2. Dissertation “Inside a Company”. Formal agreement document has to be requested from Cooperation Division.
  3. Exam Structure:
    • Total duration: 60 minutes
    • Presentation by the student: 20 minutes
    • Discussion: 40 minutes

Some important issues you should have in mind:

  1. The Master Dissertation is a PUBLIC Document, so, you should avoid having confidential information. Following Article 50º “Depósito legal” do Decreto-Lei 74-2006, de 24 de Março, all dissertations are subject to the legal deposit at Biblioteca Nacional e no Observatório da Ciência e do Ensino Superior.

  2. The main text of your dissertation should not exceed 50 pages (some slack allowed). The whole document, including annexes, should not exceed 100 pages, A4 (some slack allowed). There are currently to formatting rules defined by the Faculty of Engineering, a template will be provided.

  3. Developed programs, if any, may be included, as attachments, on appropriate computer media. Norms, manuals or other materials produced, of a size exceeding that, indicated, may also be presented as attachments in separate bound volumes.