How to get to Cascais from the Airport 

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By Taxi: it is a  35km drive and, with light traffic, it should take around 30 mn.


Metro and Trains (around 1h 30m):  
Inside the airport you can access the Lisbon Metro    Take the metro red line and change in Alameda to the southbound green line. In the end of the metro green line, at Cais do Sodré (CP stands for Portuguese Railway), change to the train to Cascais. From the Cascais Train Station, a 6 or 7 minutes walk will take you to the Hotel Baia.

 See maps belows (Click on thefirst  map for extended view).

Alternatively you can take a taxi.

This is a map of the Lisbon Metro. Click on the picture to access a bigger picture.  

The price of a one way trip in the Metro should be aroun 1.40€. However you may need to by a ticket Viva first (around 0.50 €). Check 


Once at Cais do Sodré, change to the train station. There are fast (33mn) or slow trains (40mn)  to Cascais. A one way ticket should be around 2.20 €. 

The Cascais Line (trains) is a Lisbon Urban Service.

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Check, for example, the site for more information.