The workshop will be held in the beautiful resort town of Cascais, at Hotel Baía.

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About Cascais 

Cascais, a glamorous fishing town,  is a perfect  gateway to visit Lisbon, Sintra, Estoril, Paria do  Guincho, etc. 

The glamour of Cascais dates from the 1870’s when the Portuguese Royal Family chose the twon as their summer residence.  

It was the first Portuguese town to have electric light and home of the first  oceanographic laboratory of Portugal. 

For information on Cascais see, for example,  the sites and 

Take a bike and visit Cascais and its west coast or  take a walk along the seaside Promenade visting 

the beaches between Cascais and Estoril. 

You will find cafés, bars and restaurants with 

 outdoor terraces, benches to sit on, washroom and shower facilities.