Project Description

NEUROKINECT – A Novel Low-Cost 3D video-Biosignal System for Motion Quantification in Neurological Diseases

PIs: João Paulo Cunha (U.Porto – INESC TEC: [email protected])

Consortium: U. Porto – INESC TEC,  University of Munich, IEETA, University of Aveiro

NeuroKinect is the study of movement related neurologic diseases. In order to evaluate the movement acuities, a revolutionary, non-wearable, low-cost 3D vision system based on RGB-D sensor (Kinect camera).

NeuroKinect is being used to quantify 3D movements and biosignals in:


Parkinson’s Disease

FAP (Paramiloidosis).

Many challenges are being approached in this line of reseach.

Key paper:

  • Cunha JPS, Choupina HMP, Rocha AP, Fernandes JM, Achilles F, Loesch AM, et al. (2016) NeuroKinect: A Novel Low-Cost 3Dvideo-EEG System for Epileptic Seizure Motion Quantification. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0145669. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0145669 [h5-index:161-#4 Life Sciences&Earth Sciences; ISI impact factor: 3.234]

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