Project Description

SUNNY – Smart UNattended airborne sensor Network for detection of vessels used for cross border crime and irregular entrY

Program: FP7-313243

PIs (communications): Rui Campos (INESC TEC: [email protected]) – Manuel Ricardo (U.Porto – INESC TEC: [email protected] )

Consortium: BMT, MetaSensing, Xenics, Queen Mary U., Technalia, T.U.Crete, CINAV, SPECIM, Alenia, TTI, KEMEA, MARLO, VIT, NCSRD, CNIT, ALTUS, INESC TEC

“The SUNNY project aims to contribute to EUROSUR by defining a new UAV-based tool for collecting real-time information in operational scenarios. From the communications point out view, the project will consider the exploitation and adaptation of emerging standard wireless mesh technologies and architectures, due to their low cost and advantageous features.”