The Thesis must be submitted in English (or Portuguese, in cases accepted by the Scientific Committee) before the end of 4 years of frequency of the Programme.

A provisional version of the Thesis will be evaluated by a Committee upon a public defense, and ammendments may stipulated.

The Diploma is only granted upon delivery of a corrected and final version of the Thesis.

Theses successfully presented since 2015:

     PDEEC Ph.D. THESES (since 2015)
PhD Student Defense date Supervisor Thesis title
Carlos Miguel Silva Couto Pereira 20-10-2017 Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar Towards Efficient Mobile IoT with Heterogeneous Networks
Nuno Miguel Neves de Abreu 07-09-2017 Aníbal Castilho Coimbra de Matos Planning search missions using a small size AUV
Ataollah Mokhberdoran 24-07-2017 Adriano da Silva Carvalho Advanced Fast HVDC Circuit Breakers
João Carlos de Sousa Monteiro 18-07-2017 Jaime dos Santos Cardoso Multimodal Biometric Recognition under Unconstrained Settings
Héber Miguel Plácido Sobreira 19-06-2017 António Paulo Gomes Mendes Moreira Fiabilidade e robustez da localização de robôs móveis
Hazem Ismail Abdelaziz Ali 23-05-2017 Luis Miguel Rosário da Silva Pinho Integrating dataflow and non-dataflow real-time application models on multi-core platforms
Pedro Miguel Salgueiro dos Santos 22/05/2017 João Francisco Cordeiro de Oliveira Barros Wireless protocols and channel estimation for data gathering with mobile nodes
Tiago Miguel Monteiro de Oliveira 05/04/2017 António Pedro Rodrigues Aguiar Moving Path Following Control System for Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
André Manuel Longo Moreira 10/03/2017 Daniel Enrique Lucani Rotter Coding over Multiple Wireless Interfaces
Ismael Tiago Sá Miranda 25/01/2017 Helder Filipe Duarte Leite Integration of battery energy storage systems in the planning and operation of distribution networks
Bruno Filipe Lopes Garcia Marques 10/01/2017 Manuel Alberto Pereira Ricardo Application-driven Wireless Sensor Networks
José Luís da Rocha Melo 19/12/2016 Aníbal Castilho Coimbra de Matos Navigation Algorithms for Sensor-Iimited Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
João Neves Moutinho 13/12/2016 Rui Manuel Esteves Araújo Indoor Sound Based Localization
Artem Burmyakov 12/07/2016 Eduardo Manuel Medicis Tovar The Generalised Multiprocessor Periodic Resource Interface Model for Compositional Scheduling
Muhammad Ajmal Azad 20-06-2016 Ricardo Santos Morla Towards mitigating unwanted calls in voice over IP
Tiago José Arieira Esteves 17-06-2016 Pedro Manuel da Silva Quelhas Cell mobility and morphology joint analysis in Biology assays
Nuno Miguel Cardanha Paulino 13-06-2016 João Paulo de Castro Canas Ferreira Generation of Custom Run-Time Reconfigurable Hardware for Transparent Binary Acceleration
Kostiantyn Berezovskyi 20-04-2016 Konstantinos Bletsas Timing Analysis of General Purpose Graphics Processing Units for Real-Time Systems: Models and Analyses
Nuno Alexandre Lopes Moreira da Cruz 20-04-2016 Auto proposto Adaptive Ocean Sampling with Modular Robotic Platforms
Luís Filipe Nunes Quaresma de Oliveira 18-02-2016 Luis Miguel Pinho de Almeida Communications and Localisation for Cooperating Autonomous Mobile Robots
João Tasso de Figueiredo Borges de Sousa 11-02-2016 Auto proposto Modeling, control, and optimization of networked vehicle systems
Ricardo Garibay Martínez 20-01-2016 Luís Miguel Moreira Lino Ferreira Framework for the Development of Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems
Maryam Vahabi 19-01-2016 Eduardo Manuel Medicis Tovar Computing Aggregate Quantities in Large-Scale and Dense Sensor Networks
Ricardo Augusto Rodrigues da Silva Severino 16-12-2015 Eduardo Manuel Medicis Tovar Improving QoS for large-scale WSNs
 Ana Filipa Pinheiro Sequeira  16-12-2015  Jaime dos Santos Cardoso  Liveness Detection and Robust Recognition in Iris and Fingerprint Biometric Systems
 Gil Manuel Magalhães de Andrade Gonçalves  30-10-2015  Auto proposto  Enhancing life cycle sustainability in system of systems: an event driven framework for changeability
 Pedro Manuel Vieira dos Santos  11-09-2015  José Carlos dos Santos Alves  Reconfigurable Custom Computing for Population-Based Optimization Metaheuristics: Accelerating Genetic Algorithms with FPGAs
 Rui Miguel Monteiro de Brito  22-07-2015  Adriano da Silva Carvalho  Power Generation System for Series Hybrid Electric Vehicles
 Behdad Dashtbozorg  15-05-2015  Ana Maria Rodrigues de Sousa Faria de Mendonça  Advanced Image Analysis for the Assessment of Retinal Vascular Changes
 Inês Campos Monteiro Sabino Domingues  11-05-2015  Jaime dos Santos Cardoso  An automatic mammogram system: from screening to diagnosis
 Bruno Catarino Bispo  07-05-2015  Diamantino Rui da Silva Freitas  Acoustic Feedback and Echo Cancellation in Speech Communication Systems
 Clara Sofia Teixeira Gouveia  07-05-2015  Carlos Coelho Leal Monteiro Moreira  Experimental validation of microgrids: exploiting the role of plug-in electric vehicles, active load control and micro-generation units
 Borislav Nikolic  24-04-2015  Stefan Markus Ernst Petters  Many-Core Platforms in the Real-Time Embedded Computing Domain
 José Manuel Silva dos Santos Marinho  23-04-2015  Stefan Markus Ernst Petters  Real-time Limited Preemptive Scheduling
 Mohammad Hossein Fotouhi Ghazvini  16-04-2015  Mário Jorge de Andrade Ferreira Alves  Reliable Mobility Support in Low-Power Wireless Networks
 Igor Vladimirovic Kornienko  23-02-2015  Maria do Rosário Marques Fernandes Teixeira de Pinho  First order optimality conditions under state constraints
 Antonio José Salazar Escobar  07-01-2015  Miguel Fernando Paiva Velhote Correia  Mixed-signal Test and Measurement Framework for Wearable Monitoring System