History and Mission

The  foundation of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is strongly linked to the creation of the  Honours degree in Metallurgical Engineering at FEUP, in 1970 (established by Decree-Law nº 540/70  on 10th  November). At that time Portugal was undergoing  a reform of  its Engineering Courses, complying with the request by the industries of the metal and metal –working sector, that at that period were demanding that the Government implement a course which would prepare human resources for the technical evolution which the country was experiencing and which was beginning to determine significant alterations  in manufacturing techniques.


The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (DEMM) aims to provide the most highly skilled engineers and researchers to meet the needs of the industry, academic teaching and the state, by means of:

  • educational programmes that promote excellence;
  • innovative research that advances basic and applied knowledge in the materials field;
  • effective interaction  with the outside community through collaboration with educational institutions and industrial organisations,  and  through provision of services