DEMM  considers  its main responsibility the teaching of:

  • Integrated Masters in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – MIEMM
  • Doctoral Programme in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – PDEMM

DEMM’s academic staff are also involved, at different levels of responsibility, in the following program(me)s:

Integrated Masters (1st and 2nd cycles)

MIEEC – Integrated Master in  in Electrical and Computer Engineering

MIEA – Integrated Master in Environmental Engineering

MIB – Integrated Master in Bioengineering

Masters (2nd cycle)

MEB – Master in Biomedical Engineering

MESHO – Master in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Engineering

MDIP – Product and Industrial Design

Doctoral Programmes (3rd cycle)

PRODEB – Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering

PDEA – Doctoral Program in Environmental Engineering

AdvaMTech – Doctoral Program in Advanced Materials and Processing, a joining programme involving Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Universidade da Beira Interior, Universidade de AveiroUniversidade de Coimbra, Lisbon University, Minho University and Universidade Nova de Lisboa