This EUROMECH Colloquium will be a forum for the presentation and discussion of different aspects – from modelling to applications - concerning geometrically non-linear vibrations of structures. Analytical, numerical and experimental analyses or methods are of interest.

The colloquium focuses on geometrical non-linearity, but studies that simultaneously consider geometrical non-linearity and non-linearities of other origins - like inertia, impact, friction or material – are very welcome. Also of interest are investigations where other complicating effects, as temperature variations or fluid-structure interactions, are included, and applications to, for example, aerospace engineering, bridge dynamics, electro-mechanical devices, musical instruments, biomechanics, micro and nano systems.

The topics of the Colloquium include:
Beams, Plates and Shells
Bifurcations and Stability
Chaotic Vibrations
Composite Structures
Fluid-structure Interactions
Non-linear Modes
Numerical Techniques
Reduced Order Modelling
Thermal Effects