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The 2nd Conference on Methodologies for Scientific Research 2007 (CoMIC'07) takes place as part of the course on Methodologies for Scientific Research (MIC), from the Doctoral Programme in Informatics Engineering (PRODEI) at the Engineering Faculty, University of Porto (FEUP).

Its main goal is to provide PRODEI students with a platform for presenting their future research proposals and obtain feedback from both academia and industry institutions. It is expected to serve as a converging point for idea exchanging and establishment of new research directions in several fields of Informatics Engineering and Computer Science.

The Programme Committee is composed of both PRODEI students and invited senior researchers, who, in conjunction, will review the submitted papers. Students from other institutions are welcome to submit papers. Not only will this experience be useful for future scientific research, enabling feedback from other students perspectives and improving the task of writing a scientific paper, as it will serve as a converging point for presenting on-going and future work by other researchers.

Important Dates

Best Paper Award

All papers will be considered for the award. To be eligible, the authors must attend the conference and present their paper.

Additional Information

Check the following list for more information:

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