DSIE'13 - Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering

24th and 25th January, 2013

Invited Speakers

Artur Pimenta Alves

Artur Pimenta Alves, Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal, was responsible for many teaching and research activities in the area of Telecom and, more recently digital media. He took part in the creation of INESC Porto, a research institute associated to that university, where he was member of the board and responsible for work in his areas of interest. He was responsible for the preparation of several European research projects under ESPRIT, RACE, Eureka, RACE, IST as well as many national research and development projects. He was responsible for the set up of an important collaboration with BBC in the area of networked digital TV production. Several SME’s resulted from the activities developed at INESC in these projects. He created and directed for nearly 15 years the national committee that represented Portugal in the standardisation activities of MPEG. In recent years he integrated the direction of the digital media component of the program of collaboration between Portugal and the University of Texas in Austin and he created and was the director of a multidisciplinary PhD program in digital media developed under that program. Currently on leave from the university he is working for RTP, national Radio and TV Broadcaster as director of the Production Centre in Porto.

Talk: The Evolution of the Public Service in Broadcasting and the need of a new Ecosystem to support the collaboration of Public Operators, Companies and Citizens

Abstract: The presentation will start with a brief description of the evolution from the original model based in monopolist public service broadcasters to the present, characterising the changes in regulation and in particular the changes that resulted from the world digitisation and globalisation accelerated since the end of the 90's. A new method to analyse the possible scenarios for the implementation of what is now called Public Service Media, based in a layered model will be described. As a result of this process it is now generally accepted that a new ecosystem involving public operators, other publicly funded organisations, private companies and citizens will be necessary to support the development of the named "Digital Commons". This ecosystem will create new opportunities for creative companies certainly including those needed to develop the supporting technologies and new Apps and services.

Fabien Gouyon

Fabien Gouyon (PhD Computer Science, UPF Barcelona; MSc IRCAM Paris; MSc Signal Processing, ENSEEIHT Toulouse; BSc Theoretical Physics, UPS Toulouse) is Invited Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, in Portugal, and senior research scientist and co-leader of the Sound and Music Computing Group of INESC TEC in Porto. His main research and teaching activities are in Music Information Retrieval and Music Pattern Recognition. He has published over 60 highly-cited papers in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals, published a book on computational rhythm description, gave the first tutorial on the topic at the International Conference on Music Information Retrieval in 2006 and participated to the writing of the European Roadmap for Sound and Music Computing, published in 2007. He was General Chair of the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2009 and General Chair of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference 2012.

Talk: Processing music data

Abstract: Computer science and informatics engineering deal to a large extent with the handling and processing of data. In this talk, I will focus on the processing of a particularly challenging type of data: music. I will provide examples of the many diverse modalities of music and illustrate the corresponding challenges and opportunities faced in the rapidly-growing Music Information Retrieval field. I will finish by demonstrating some recent research done at the Sound and Music Computing Group at INESC TEC (http://smc.inescporto.pt).