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Welcome to the DSIE’14

We are pleased to invite the academic and research community to participate in the DSIE’14 (Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering), to be held between the 30th and 31st January, 2014, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The Doctoral Symposium occurs as part of the "Methodologies for Scientific Research" class of FEUP’s Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering (ProDEI) with the purpose of providing students with new competences and abilities in the experience of scientific writing and assessment.

The main goal of DSIE is to provide graduate students a setting where they can informally expose and discuss their work, while collecting valuable expert opinions. The sharing of new ideas, methods and applications is also relevant and encouraged, especially because it may improve the buildup of their thesis content.

This website provides all the information about of the symposium activities. We invite you to explore it and get to know about all the details of the event.

The DSIE'14 is the 9th edition of a series of annual symposiums which started in 2005.

Let's make it a very special one! Join us in Porto, Portugal!

Click here to access the photos of the DSIE'14