Rui A. Costa

Ph.D. Student

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"Information is the resolution of uncertainty." - Claude Shannon

I am one of the Co-Founders of Streambolico, a spin-off from Universidade do Porto and Instituto de Telecomunicações. Streambolico commercializes network coding based solutions for real-time data communication and video streaming over WiFi networks, bringing a 10x improvement to the number of users that can access a multicast stream over a single hotspot.

I received my Ph.D. degree in 2012, with summa cum laude (highest honors) from the Universidade do Porto. My Ph.D. research was conducted at Instituto de Telecomunicações and Universidade do Porto. I held a visiting appointment at MIT, where I collaborated with world class researchers to analyze the delay performance of network coding solutions. I also did an internship at DoCoMo Euro-Labs in Munich, where I designed network coding schemes for data dissemination in delay constrained sensor networks.

My background combines the technological perspective from Computer Science and Network Engineering (Masters and Ph.D. at U.Porto) with the fundamentals from Applied Mathematics (Licenciatura at U.Porto, best student in 2006 class).