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Where to find me

I usually stay at building I (east), Polo II - Asprela's Campus, either in the office (room I 133) or in the AI Lab (room I 120)

By e-Mail

Perhaps the best way! In this case, please send e-mails to
[email protected]

Normal Post

Dr. Rosaldo Rossetti
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
Department of Informatics Engineering
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, S/N
4200-465 Porto

Voice and Fax

VoIP +351-22-041-3911
Lab VoIP +351-22-041-3208
Office Tel. +351-22-508-1566
Fax. +351-22-557-4103
Within FEUP x3208 / x3911 / x1314 / x1566
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