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Rosaldo J. F. Rossetti

rrossetti-s.jpg Assistant Professor
Department of Informatics Engineering, FEUP

Senior Research Fellow
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory, LIACC

I joined FEUP in 2006, initially in the Informatics Section of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. As of January 2008, however, I moved to the recently created Department of Informatics Engineering where I am an Assistant Professor. I am also a Research Fellow at LIACC, within the Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Group, led by Professor Eugénio Oliveira. Before joining FEUP, I was with Atlantica University, in Lisbon, where I acted as Director of the Computing and Systems Management BSc(Hons) Programme. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from INF-UFRGS, Brazil (graduated in 2002), albeit I had carried out my doctoral research as a full-time PhD Research Student at Leeds University's Institute for Transport Studies, UK. Here you will find some information about my current professional activities and research interests. If you are a member of the FEUP community you may also be interested in having a look at my institutional home page in the SiFEUP Portal.

The Special Issue on Artificial Transportation Systems and Simulation, of IEEE Transactions on ITS, is already available on the IEEE Xplore platform. Have a look and enjoy!

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