Software & Prototypes

Work Package 3 - Serious Games for Effective Learning

Development by GIG Group at DEI/FEUP. Coordenação geral do Work Package António Coelho.


  1. Main development in Unity3D, AndroidSDK and Qualcomm Vuforia.
  2. Unity3D tutorial by João Jacob. (link)
  3. Vuforia AR demo with shadow rendering by Rui Nóbrega. (link) (.apk)

Learning and Certification:

  1. Competence assessment matrix by Ricardo Baptista (link).
  2. Learning in driver's license simulator.

Prototype 1:

  1. Development of Serious Games solutions for Learning in Tourism context.
  2. Collaboration with UT Austin|Portugal Game Design and Development Workshop (João Jacob).
  3. Development of tourism prototype Unlocking Porto (Soraia Ferreira, Jessika Weber, João Jacob, João Ribeiro, Rui Nóbrega, António Coelho). (link) (.apk)

Prototype 2:

  1. Location-based augmented reality solution (João Jacob and Rui Nóbrega). (link) (.apk)
  2. Using João Jacob's Ph.D. framework.
  3. Based on the concept of Unlocking Porto.

Prototype 3:

  1. Augmented reality using physical tourist map (Rui Nóbrega). (link) (.apk)

Prototype 4:

  1. Location-based augmented reality solution (Rui Nóbrega, João Jacob, and future collaborators).
  2. Historical city exploration and assessment (under construction). (link) (.apk)

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