About S3T-2010

In association with the European Science Foundation (ESF), the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) is organising the above mentioned International Meeting. You are cordially invited to participate in S3T-2010, which will take place in Porto, Portugal.

“Smart Structural Systems Technologies (S3T) is a scientific R&D programme that emerged as a result of mutual interests for collaborations expressed by the European Scince Foundation (ESF) and the US National Science Foundation (NSF). As a programme, S3T will enhance existing links and create new ones between European scientists and their American colleagues. It is hoped that this effort will lead to joint activities facilitating stronger synergy, awareness and collaborations in this truly multidisciplinary domain.”

“The scientific scope of the Smart Structural Systems Technologies (S3T) is to further the state-of-the-art on theory and experiments for the integration of sensor- and system-development into mechanical, civil and other structural engineering systems in order to facilitate extensive monitoring and structural management. The programme is inherently multidisciplinary drawing on expertise from civil, mechanical, aeronautical, aerospace, electrical and computer engineering as well as material science. The main research topics promoted under S3T are: modelling of structures and machines; sensors and actuators; systems; analysis and decision making.”

This S3T Workshop is the last one under the present programme, and will be this time a 4-day event with 6 session modulus of activities. These will cover both a Teaching state of the art and a Research and Development state of the art, completely justifying the meeting thematic as “School and Symposium on S3T”.