Job Experience

Feb 18 – NOW|| Member of the University Robotics Team

5DPO, FEUP – Porto (Portugal)

  • Member of the FEUP Robotics Team with participation in the development of autonomous soccer robots dedicated to the Middle Size League of RoboCup

Oct 17 – NOW|| Collaborator in Cyber Cafe

E-Learning Café Asprela, Porto (Portugal)

  • Space management and support to the academic community that attends the E-Learning, through the supply of materials to support the studies, essentially informatics.

Aug 17 – Nov 17 || Scientific Research – Summer Internship Program – Real-time Systems

CISTER & ISEP, Porto (Portugal)

  • Real-time Systems & Real-time Linux / Linux Kernel Development
  • Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things
  • Parallel and Concurrent Algorithms & Modeling, Validation and Verification
  • Final Project: Real-Time CPS System with Raspberry Pi

Jul 16 – Dec 16 || Part-time in a Coffee Shop

Carmelita Bistrô, Sé – Porto (Portugal)

  • Counter and table service (English, Spanish and Portuguese), food confectionery, barista (coffee, cappuccinos and latte-art), cash management.

Feb 14 – May 16 || Internship in the University Robotics Team

Trincabotz CEFET-MG, Belo Horizonte (Brasil)

  • Electronics projects: LEGO autonomous robot robots (1st and 2nd place national, 3rd place international) and autonomous line follower robots.
  • Participation in Team Management, Media and Marketing.
  • PID control techniques, development of printed circuit boards – PCB, welding of electronic components and SMDs, programming of PIC and Arduino microcontrollers.

Jul 15 – Aug 15 || International Internship – Electroelectronic Maintenance

Happy Erasmus, València (Espanha)

  • Internship carried out during a study exchange program in Spain (“Science without Borders” Brazilian Program)
  • Maintenance of electronic and telecommunication equipment, studies of improvements and implementation of electronic communication and marketing systems.

Feb 15 – Jul 15 || Scientific Research – Research in 3D Printers

Universidade Politécnica de Valencia, València (Espanha)

  • Development of an Intelligent Warehouse of Low Cost Parts, using 3D printers.

Aug 12 – Jul 13 || Scientific Research – Research on Three Phase Filters

CEFET-MG, Belo Horizonte (Brasil)

  • Brazilian Program: “Young Talents for Science” (Jovens Talentos Para a Ciência)
  • Investigation of new modeling solutions for Passive Filters for Three Phase Inverters (static power converters).

May 11 – Dec 11 || Internship for completion of the course Mechatronics Technician – Electronic Maintenance

Cemig Distribuição de Energia, Belo Horizonte (Brasil)

  • Internship in High Capacity Transport (TAC) and Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance and Solutions Management.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance in electro-electronic equipment of the telecommunications energy system, PCBs, Digital Multiplex systems, digital microwave radios, optical equipment and USCAs (ac unit supervision).