Jaime E. Villate. University of Porto, Portugal

I have been using only Free Software since 1994. My contributions to Free Software users groups and projects are described in the section Free Software.

Projects at the Engineering School

Free Software at FEUP
2004. This was a project approved by the dean of the Engineering School, in order to help the School administration and academic staff to migrate from proprietary software to free software. We were three professors in charge of the project, helped by three undergraduate students who recruited.
I started using Moodle in 2002. At that time, the e-learning system used in the School was Luvit; it had the problem of not being translated into Portuguese and, being proprietary software, we could not undertake its translation. I wrote the first Portuguese translation for Moodle ans started using it in my courses since 2003. In 2003 some colleagues asked me to give them access to my Moodle server and in 2004 the School's Board of Directors decided to replace Luvit by Moodle and provided me with funding to hire a graduate student to help with that migration.
Ubuntu Edição FEUP
2006 – 2007. This project was aimed at creating a customized version of the Ubuntu operating system adapted to our School. That software distribution continues to be upgraded every year by the staff of the Computer Center (CICA) and is installed in all the computers used in student's computer rooms and lecture halls.