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Invited Lectures
Chandrajit Bajaj University of Texas, USA “Automatic Generation of Computer Models from Multi-modal Bio-medical Imaging”
Chris Johnson University of Utah, USA "Computational Bioimaging and Visualization"
Hervé Delingette INRIA, France "From Geometrical Models to Physiological Models of the Human Body"
Jorge S. Marques Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal "Robust Algorithms for Deformable Contours"
Juan J. Villanueva Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain "Image Sequence Evaluation"
Laurent Cohen Universite Paris Dauphine, France "Fast Surface Segmentation and remeshing by finding geodesics"
Mario Forjaz Secca Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal "Processing of Simultaneous acquisition of EEG and fMRI"
Sonia I. Goncalves-Verheij VU University Medical Centre, The Netherlands "Multimodality in Brain Imaging: methodologic aspects and applications"
Tim Cootes University of Manchester, UK "Automatic Construction of Statistical Shape Models using Non-Rigid Registration"
Valentin Brimkov
Reinhard Klette
State University of New York, USA
University of Auckland, NZ
"Theory of Digital Manifolds and its Applications to Medical Imaging"
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