In VipIMAGE2011 will be considered topics of
(not limited to):


• Signal and Image Processing

• Computational Vision

• Medical Imaging

• Physics of Medical Imaging

• Tracking and Analysis of Movement

• Simulation and Modeling • Image Acquisition

• Industrial Applications

• Shape Reconstruction

• Objects Segmentation, Matching, Simulation

• Data Interpolation, Registration, Acquisition and Compression

• 3D Vision

• Virtual Reality

• Visual Inspection

• Software Development for Image Processing and Analysis

• Computer Aided Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy, and Treatment

• Computational Bioimaging and Visualization

• Telemedicine Systems and their Applications

VipIMAGE2011 has open a call for thematic sessions.



(Please click on the title for full description)

Imaging techniques applied to soft tissue Biomechanics

Organizers: Pedro A. L. S. Martins, IDMEC-Polo FEUP, Portugal (, Patrick Dubois, University North of France, France (

Simultaneous MR-PET imaging

Organizers: Pedro Almeida, University of Lisboa, Portugal (, Liliana Caldeira, University of Lisboa, Portugal (

Satellite image analysis for environmental risk assessment

Organizers: Alberto De Santis, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (, Daniela Iacoviello, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (

Dental Imaging and Processing Techniques

Organizers: André Correia, University of Porto, Portugal (, J.C. Reis Campos, University of Porto, Portugal (, Mário Vaz, University of Porto, Portugal (

Digital Mammography

Organizers: Susana Branco Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa, Portugal (, Nuno Machado, Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa, Portugal (, Luis Freire, Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa, Portugal (

Imaging of Biological Flows: trends and challenges

Organizers: Alberto Gambaruto, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal (, Mónica S. N. Oliveira, University of Porto, Portugal (, Rui Lima, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal (