As it happened with VipIMAGE2009, in the scope of which were organized 5 thematic sessions, VipIMAGE2011 has open a call for thematic sessions.

The organizers of the selected thematic sessions will be included in the conference scientific committee and will have a reduced registration fee.
Additionally, they will be responsible for the dissemination of their thematic session, may invite expertise researches to have invited keynotes during their session and will participate in the review process of the submitted contributions.

Proposals for Thematic Sessions should be submitted by email to the conference co-chairs (,




(Please click on the title for full description)

Imaging techniques applied to soft tissue Biomechanics

Organizers: Pedro A. L. S. Martins, IDMEC-Polo FEUP, Portugal (, Patrick Dubois, University North of France, France (

Simultaneous MR-PET imaging

Organizers: Pedro Almeida, University of Lisboa, Portugal (, Liliana Caldeira, University of Lisboa, Portugal (

Satellite image analysis for environmental risk assessment

Organizers: Alberto De Santis, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (, Daniela Iacoviello, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (

Dental Imaging and Processing Techniques

Organizers: André Correia, University of Porto, Portugal (, J.C. Reis Campos, University of Porto, Portugal (, Mário Vaz, University of Porto, Portugal (

Digital Mammography

Organizers: Susana Branco Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa, Portugal (, Nuno Machado, Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa, Portugal (, Luis Freire, Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa, Portugal (

Imaging of Biological Flows: trends and challenges

Organizers: Alberto Gambaruto, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal (, Mónica S. N. Oliveira, University of Porto, Portugal (, Rui Lima, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal (