VB Chip-8

Welcome to the first Visual Basic Chip-8 emulator homepage!


Chip-8 is a virtual machine created in 1977. It was used on several platforms to run games. It has become popular again on the HP48 series calculators around 1990.


The Chip-8 is widely known by university students around the world for one reason: to play games on a HP48S/SX/G/GX calculator, the best resource would be the SHIP48 Emulator for that same device.

The first known Chip-8 emulator was written by Andreas Gustaffson and it is due to his documentation that further Chip-8 implementations have been possible.

Most of the information known today about the internals of the Chip-8 came however from David Winter. A copy of his original documentation can be found here:


His current website dedicated to Chip-8 emulation is:


The original HP files can be found here:


Paul Robson also did a very early Chip-8 emulator and his site still contains valuable information:


My story

Being a big emulator fan, I always considered programming an emulator by my own. However, my knowledge about the C language is somewhat limited, specially when it comes to use all the libraries available for Windows.

As I am familiar with Visual Basic 6, the next excuse was the severe lack of time. The truth is that programming an emulator is not exactly something you do over a couple of hours!

Then I came across the Chip-8 and a few emulators for it and I suddenly realized that this is the challenge I was waiting for! It took me two days (in total more or less 4-5 hours) to program the very first Chip-8 emulator for Visual Basic.

Emulator or not?

Because the Chip-8 is really a virtual machine, one cannot consider a Chip-8 emulator to be a 100% real emulator: there never existed a Chip-8 computer! Chip-8, being a virtual machine is somewhat similar to the concept used by Sun with their Java virtual machine. It is like a computer platform that was never build, but is fully specified.

Because the Chip-8 definitions are indeed very close to real hardware (CPU, RAM, graphics, sound, keyboard), you can consider the Chip-8 emulator as much an emulator as you would consider an amoeba an animal...

Why Visual Basic?

The first reason is obviously because it is VB6 I know best. But then, there are other reasons, like there are many C implementations already available, including source code or because it would open some insight to people familiar with Basic, who cannot read C source code.

The good stuff

Current release: October, 10th 2004

The emulator can be downloaded here.

The source code can be downloaded here.

The freeware games pack can be downloaded here.

Please note that I found these games on the web and they where mentioned to be freeware / public domain.
If this is not true and YOU are the owner of the copyright, please let me know - I will remove the game.



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