Task A.4

Accurate glottal source estimation and modeling

This task aims at characterizing accurately the true acoustic glottal excitation, especially the vocal folds vibration, thus under natural larynx-vocal tract interaction conditions; it relies critically on Medical (ORL) expertise as highly specialized medical procedures are involved.

The major outcomes in this task include new data of the acoustic pressure wave that is captured near the glottal folds for at least six subjects (3 females and 3 males), magnitude and phase models based on experimental data and describing the glottal source excitation. In this task, we will take advantage of the results of tasks A.2 and A.3 in order to obtain useful Harmonics+Noise models that will later be combined for implantation purposes in Task B.2. Other important outcomes include a task report, a conference paper and one MSc dissertation in the area of Medicine.


M1_b: Acoustic data near the vocal folds and glottal excitation models.

Other expected outcomes include a task report, one conference paper and an MSc dissertation.

Leader: Univ. Aveiro